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Engineering, Procurement and Construction


OPU engineering workforce encompasses a full range of engineering disciplines to carry out even the most challenging technical projects. The latest technology is used to enhance the reliability of the overall design.
  • Our engineers utilize a wide range of industry standard engineering software as well as in-house developed programs to perform process simulations and numerous technical calculations.
  • On demand, we assign a dedicated team of qualified engineers for each project to carry out the feasibility studies to detailed engineering for the project by considering.
  • Environmental constrains - risk mitigation plans
  • The latest computer technologies
  • Technological advances.
  • Global design standards.


  • We adopt the advanced PM/ CPM methods for all construction projects to establish an integrated cost-schedule-quality control system in line with the customer needs.
  • We also recognize the significance of preservation of the natural environment, during the construction phase.


  • We procure all the equipments and materials for the project from the reliable and credible sources throughout the world through our network in India and overseas.
  • We constantly upgrade and evaluate our vendors by considering the special needs of the project as well as the knowledge of the facilities, equipments, workmanship and the manufacturing potential of the vendor.